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I am an embarrassing tightwad

I cast my own bullets from wheel weights I get for free.

Revolvers don't need scopes, scope mounts or slings so I saved a bit there.

I cut my own wads.

I made my own nipple wrenches because I am too cheap to buy one and after having spent my allowance on nipple wrenches previously which either didn't fit or didn't last, I gave it up.

I made my own cleaning rods

Made my own range box and I throw the revolvers on the truck seat next to me.

I buy powder and caps and now that I am reloading cartridges I buy the empties, primers and powder for that too.

I am not a hunter and never have been. There are several people I'd love to shoot but I bear no malice against any four legged critters.

I really keep my meat costs down by buying ribeye at the commissary.

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