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chris in va,
It has nothing to do with that, but my Glock does because I replaced the plastic guide rod, with a steel one.

Jim Watson,
Mine was "very minor", but noticeable...I did not get Overenthusiastic.

It does have a crisp trigger, because I added a ghost 3.5 trigger connector.
Plus All new springs.
JB Weld is Incredibly tough and does Nothing but eliminate trigger pull, and reset length in the housing where cruciform slides into the slot. It is Not an impact area of the pistol.
I've put 400 rounds thru it since doing change in JB Weld in the slot.

And to all those that said why bother...It's just my preference to have it that way, OK?
If you can read this,...Thank a TEACHER,
And since you are reading this in English...Thank a SOLDIER.

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