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I bought one as my first powder measure back in 1992 after 3 years of powder dippers. For the money it costs, it's a fine deal. Lee is absolutely innovative in their use of plastic and aluminum to make tools that work if your budget doesn't allow for more. I was in college and my load bench at that time was the corner of my waterbed. My budget was "slim to none."

That measure worked awfully well for the less than $20 I spent on it.

I replaced my Lee measure with a Hornady measure that cost FOUR times as much. I liked the Hornady measure better, it felt more sturdy, more well-built and it was more enjoyable to use. I can say that I don't honestly believe that it actually worked any better -- but it was more enjoyable to use and it was therefore worth the money.

Two years ago I stopped using the Hornady measure because I picked up a pre-owned but hardly used Lyman 55. In one session of use with the Lyman 55, I knew that I might not ever use the Hornady measure again.

The Hornady measure sat on my bench for the next 3 months, unused, before I took it off the bench. It's packed away now.

While the Hornady measure was comparable to the Lee measure in how well it metered most anything I put through it, my Lyman 55 beats them both, hands-down, for certain. There are still a couple of powders that even the Lyman 55 isn't perfect with (IMR-800X, Unique, etc) but it's probably my most loved tool in my entire operation. If I gotta fight to the death to save one tool, it's my Lyman 55. I almost feel guilty for what I paid for it.

On a shoe string budget, the Lee Perfect Powder Measure is a good buy. If you have more jack and you want a more solid tool that feels like a proper piece of hardware, spend more and get a measure from Hornady, RCBS, Redding or others.

If you want the best of the typical volumetric measures -- get the Lyman 55.
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