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I suppose it could be done that way, in fact I thought I might try it.

But then I figured that changing the original turret would detract from the value of the machine. I also was not anxious to be drilling and tapping in cast iron.

So I made the spare unit to fit the larger dies.

There is a knucklehead on Evil bay who has the replacement turrets (larger dies) for sale for seventy bucks a pop. At that price he can keep them.

I also made an adaptor to use the Lee shell holders. But I find that the original primer holder is slightly large for the holes in the Lee shell holders. So now I have to go out and buy a second shell holder to fit the adaptor but then drill it out for the Lyman Primer holder.

This sounds like a lot of trouble but it is a labor of love.

And once I am finished I will have a very versatile press.

I just finished stripping the paint off of the cast iron parts. I found some rustoleum which is a good match for the original color. The original paint was "crinkle finish" paint and I will never know why they chose that style finish. It attracted grease and oil beginning sometime around 1975.

I'll post photos when the final coat is dry.

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