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Caveat: I'm a long time HANDGUN handloader and merely dabble in rifle rounds. I do -NOT- have the hands-on experience that most of the folks in this thread have with regards to rifle handloading. Even so, in your position, here is what I would suggest, and what I do.

Buy a Lee Collet Neck-only size die. Use it with brass you've fired in YOUR rifle.

Build the same load that currently gives you ____ accuracy that you find acceptable.

Compare your shots for accuracy with _____ accuracy that you set as your standard.

If it's acceptable, your own experience will tell you how long case life ends up being... but the benefit, IMO, isn't necessarily accuracy or case life. The benefit is ease of use.

With this operation, you don't lube cases and you don't inside lube the case mouth. You also don't use near the same amount of muscle or energy on the press handle that is called for when F/L sizing. As bottle-neck sizing goes, it's MUCH easier than full-length sizing.

Asking for advice & opinions is always a fine idea but in this situation, I think it makes the most sense to do your own testing-- especially when it's so easy, fun, and well...obvious that your own testing will reveal all that you need know and what will work for YOU.

Maybe if the Lee die cost a hundred bucks or was some large investment... but this is like a $20 expenditure. It seems like giving it a try would give you the best opinion/evidence of how well it will serve your needs.
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