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Originally Posted by smokepole14
So is the short arbor part of my problem with the gun not locking up? Right now iam more concerned with the cylinder not locking up when I cock it fast. Also where do you get the buttons if I do have to fix the arbor. Thanks for your help so far guys!
Post #8 describes a way to fix a short arbor using small washers as shims. Dropping them into the arbor hole of the barrel assembly helps to create more room for the cylinder to turn. The washer[s] may need to be filed to make them the right thickness so that the wedge will still line up with the wedge slot for insertion. Small brass washers are available at the hardware store or cut some round disks out of an aluminum can or anything else that will serve the same purpose.
And have some extras on hand in case a shim is lost during disassembly.

Similar methods for shimming the arbor were also described in posts #14 & #18:

Washers, shims and shim stock material can also be purchased from Mcmaster-Carr:

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