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Tipoc said
" Very good points.Yep and early in WWII the Marine Corps refused the Garand and held onto the bolt action Springfield, arguing that the Garand degraded accurate, disciplined fire at distance and encouraged a "spray and pray" mentality."

Actually, wasn't the ultimate (but intermediate) argument/choice between the Garand and the Johnson...the Johnson winning out--for awhile--for the Marines? Btw, shot a Johnson once (my uncle's, brought back from Pacific duty). Though "just" a .30-06 also, what a thumper!

Back to the OP, the .44 vs .45 discussion is a great one, and a very interesting question (and answers). Although the .44 Special didn't exist at the time, there re a number of us that think it is the chambering the Colt SAA was "meant" for! Certainly once the smokeless era emerged. A better pairing of cartridge to firearm I don't know exists, unless it's the .32 H&R Mag (and hypothetically .327 FM) to the Single Six.
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