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Wow. I read an awful lot of accounts of people going through SeaTac with prohibited items and not getting stopped.
I have lots of stories of SeaTac, but I'm pretty sure the little agreement I signed before leaving TSA makes it illegal to mention most of them. You can find quite a few using Google.

Lucky they let you keep it. You've encountered a nice TSA worker (that's refreshing). I've met very anal Take Stuff Away/Touch Sensitive Areas employees.
The thing is, most TSA officers are actually nice, and want to help people. It's the bad eggs that get the most press. For most of my time in TSA (when I first started, I wanted to tow the party line...that changed pretty quickly) I really liked being helpful. I wouldn't break any rules (since my job was on the line) but I wanted to make people's experience good. Security sucks, we all know it. My goal was to get as many people through security with at least a neutral perspective of the process, and positive if I could. And, at least with the people I worked with, this was a common thing.
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