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Leupold (VX-2 & up), Zeiss, Swarvoski, USO, Schmidt & Bender are the premier quality scope makers... Anything else is generally waste of time... Nightforce makes an excellent, rugged optic but in many cases the glass quality for the price is not quite up to what you would get in a similarly priced scope from the makers I listed above...

I refuse to waste my time on anything made in China or the Phillipines... USA, Japan, Germany and Austria for me...

You guys can laugh all you like, but Midway sells a Simmons scope that they call the Whitetail Classic.
The problem I have with most of these is that it looks like your looking through a yellow haze, which is bad.... I had one last less than a box of shells on a 30-06 before it shook apart and lost zero...

A have a friend with 4 or 5 of the Whitetail Classics and when we shoot its absolutely amazing what he cannot see with his 6.5-20x50 Whitetail Classics, that I can see through my one low power VX-2 Leupold....

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