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Of the 3 you mentioned I'd go with the CZ. I am personally biased in my opinion however as my first and only handgun was/is a CZ-85B. (It's the ambidextrous version of the 75B)

However, I do believe there is something to be said about a quality 1911. I know for certain I am definitely going to add one to my collection in the future. As well the identical statement I can make about a .357 revolver. (My personal choice will be a Smith 686p)

All in all I'd come over here to PA with a friend and try out some guns. M&P and XD's are also good choices for starter pistols. There are so many viable options out there that it is almost impossible for you to not get a quality firearm.

Btw if you are close to the Burligton Bristol bridge you can come right over the bridge and about 10 minutes down Rt 13 there is a range called 'Ready Aim Fire' that has a pretty decent selection of guns to try out. Most ranges require there be 2 people to rent a gun they don't allow solo renters. (RAF might allow single renters though. I'm not sure however because I've only rented with my buddy)
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