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Out of a dozen handguns I own, 8-9 have operations unique from all the rest. The idea was to get a feel for what's out there and what others are talking about along with having a nice collection. Now I sort of know more about what I like in a gun and tend to focus more on the 2 or 3 guns that I am most likely to carry. The others are just for a change of pace. So if you carry a gun that you want to depend your life on I would say concentrate on that one until it's like a part of your body and you can shoot it well without thinking. Mixing it up won't give you that unless you shoot an awful lot. I'm sort of getting away from the collectors mentality and I think more about what I realistically need (which is nothing) and will CC and work for me and what I will be more likely to take to the range and practice to be good with. More like buying a piece of equipment to serve a purpose. Not as much fun but otherwise there's just too many out there that I would want to buy on coolness alone.
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