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The city is question, since it's readily available via Google, is Bridgeport CT.

PERSONALLY, I had hoped they would go to the Glock. The neighboring cities use Glocks, and Bridgeport's immediate neighbor, Trumbull, issues Glock 21's...

Considering how often BPT assists Trumbull, and vice versa, having cross-compatibility would not be a bad thing, IMO.

And again, that's why I'm leaning towards my G30...being sandwiched between three cities (more or less) two issue .45's (Glock 21 and M&P45) and one issues .40 (Glock 22's).

No one around here, to my knowledge, issues a 9mm's all .40 and up, usually Glocks.

I know partially basing my decision on what the local PD's carry probably isn't the best route, but that one nightmare scenario is always lingering in the back of my mind.
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