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Originally Posted by taz1
...The serpa holster does not require you to put your finger through the triger guard to reliece it so any n/d is the result of failing to keep your finger off the trigger and I feel anyone old enough to buy and own a pistol is inteligent enough to purchase a holster and familurize them self with the proper means of use....
Nonetheless, the Serpa holster has been associated with unintentional discharges from one's trigger finger slipping prematurely into the trigger guard as the gun is withdrawn from the holster.

This may be characterized as primarily a training and practice issue, but the basic design of the holster does encourage and facilitate this particular user error. So special training and diligent practice is called for to most effectively and safely use the holster at speed under stress.

Note also that a number of instructors will not permit the use of the Serpa holster in their classes.
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