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not only do all you can do on tracking but do all you can by preparing to make the shots you need to do to take animals. Have guns sighted in, shoot often and if game is too far , running or behind brush or any reason why you feel you cant hit the animal precisely where you want, DONT! We as hunters owe that to the game were hunting. And if for some reason your game runs off and you know you hit it or not do everything in your power to make sure and or to retrieve the game.
I got so mad at a fellow that hunts a property adjacent to mine a couple of weeks ago I thought I was going to punch him. He had shot a big buck that I have been after for two years in the middle of the morning by driving up on it in his truck. Hit the buck and watched it go down, found a large pool of blood but gave up the track after a hundred yards because the briars were too thick, it was hot and he didn't want to be late for work. The buzzards led him to it, 20 yards from where he gave up 2 days later. Its a shame that people like that don't have their hunting rights revoked for life.
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