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Yes Bob, those are some nice looking CH OM's. I've got a couple I would put up against them. But the only photos I have of them are the ones from when I bought them. I don't like posting photos somebody else took. I need to drag the revolvers out and take some of them myself.

Actually, I've been telling myself for some time that it is time to drag all the guns out for a new family photo. Every few years it is fun to take one photo with every single gun in one shot. No matter how hard that is to do. And inevitably when I'm done I remember one gun in a closet somewhere that got forgotten. It's been years since I did that. I need to do that and I need to do a "revolver only" shot again since I've added more since I did one last year. Maybe I'll do a "Ruger only" shot while I'm at it!

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