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well i wouldn't consider my self a ruger collector until i get my paws on a 357 redhawk.
I've had a chance to buy one several times over the years and I've considered it. They certainly are rare guns. And if you want to have a .357 that you can try super hot loads in... that would be the one. But every time I have a chance to buy one, I ultimately conclude that I'm unlikely to actually do anything much with it other than just put it in the safe. The smaller holes make it a heavy gun. So I probably wouldn't put it in a holster and carry it around the property. And my interest in hot loading .357 at my age is pretty much zero.

I agree it has good value as a straight collector piece. If one came along NIB for a gift price, I would pick it up and put it away.

On the other hand.... I looked long and hard for a 5.5" stainless .41 Magnum Redhawk. I knew I _would_ carry and shoot that. I love that gun. In general I prefer OM Rugers but that Redhawk is a great gun. And actually a nice looking one once I put some Nill grips on it. I even bought a stainless rail that you can mount on it without drilling so that you can put a pistol scope on it. Not to carry it around that way, that would be ugly. But I was curious about just how accurate it really was and wanted to use it for load development. (The rail is still in the tube but I did buy it!)

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