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It's not the weight of the pull that put me off, but the length...... I guess having a very long squishy pull is one way to get that "suprise break".....
I don't find it squishy at all... much less so than most SA/DA semiautos I've fiddled with.

It IS, however, a DAO. That's going to mean a long trigger pull. You will not find a hammer fired DAO pistol without a fairly long trigger pull.

I have quite a few DA wheelguns, even one example out of S&W's Performance Center. The P250 trigger compares well to those double action triggers. If the length is bothering you, then I would conjecture that double action type trigger pulls are not for you; whether it's a P250 or any other. It takes practice to shoot a DA trigger well; you need to work on keeping your pull steady and consistent throughout the length of travel... I can go back and forth from my P250s to any of my wheelguns and use the same trigger technique.

And quite honestly, if your holy grail of triggers isn't a 1911 single action sliding trigger, then you're living in a glass house when you criticize any other trigger... nothing else compares to a nicely dialed in 1911.
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