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Few things are more fun,,,

Few things are more fun,,,
Than taking a newbie to the range.

I work at a university and hang with a lot of undergrads,,,
I've posted several times about the good experiences I've had with them.

And yes, like you I find myself standing and watching a lot or loading for them.

I always wonder if I take too many guns,,,
But on their first time out I like to give them a "tour".
  • Colt Frontier Scout in .22 LR so they know single action cowboy style revolvers.
  • Ruger 22/45 semi-auto target pistol so they know single action semi-auto pistols.
  • The Harem (model 63, model 67, model 686, model 629) so they know the gamut of frame sizes and calibers.
  • Beretta Cheetah in .380 so they know small frame DA/SA semi-auto's.
  • CZ-75B in 9mm so they know full size DA/SA semi-autos.

Most of the time we don't shoot all of them,,,
But I take them all just in case they feel adventurous,,,
The last young lady I took to the range fell in love with my 6" S&W Model 686.

But yes,,,
It's great fun to facilitate what is often their first shooting experience.


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