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If I just out-and-out had to use the .32-20 on a deer, I figure I'd only take a close-in head shot.
Very Close..... you are talking about a very small target (brain .... maybe 2"x3"x2") encased in round bone (skull) and a bullet that doesn't have enough energy to generate much shock .... or penetrate well .... you'd need a direct hit. With those Very Precise Sights on his Marlin ...... on a target (head) that moves around a lot.

Practice on 1/2 a playing card, or a plastic easter egg .... and hang it on a wire so it moves in the wind..... and put some time pressure on your shot, as Bambi won't hang around forever..... at the range you can consistantly do that, you're good.....

..... just don't spook bambi .... any movements at such short distances are likely to cause him to give you the flag.....

There are so many better options...... a broadhead to the chest would at least give you a good blood trail to follow.......
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