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M4oo Enhanced, Jam, Load, Pmag, Lube, SUCK.

Bought one of these M400 Enhanced.
It came with a Pmag and jams constantly with;
  1. Pmag(s) of six Pmags
  2. Metal Mags, 3 different kinds
  3. Winchester 5.56, 223 Remiongton, 223 Wolf Steel Case, 223 PMC
  4. Included Lube, Hoppe's (2 kinds) Oil, Tri-Flow, Moly Lube (dry lube)
  5. HEAVY, MEDUIM, LIGHT, and Practically NO Lube.

How you like this? I'm SUPER impressed wig SIG. What a great gun, how badly can an AR platform FAIL, here is THE benchmark. Double loads, Fail to load, Fail to catch bolt on empty clip...

Sometimes, seemingly random, SEVERELY dented brass. 223, 5.56, all mags/lube combo's.

The only thing I can even guess is some kind of timing failure, a possible gas malfunction, or my hunch: a buffer spring failure of some kind.

This gun is at Sig now and I am expecting them to find nothing, fix nothing, clean it again, send it back and have the same problems after shooting 30 rds.

Do Not Buy One Of These Guns. There are sooooo many options out there, you don't even need to EVER even look at Sig AR's.

Lets's hear from the pro's now.
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