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best rimfire

My Winchester 69A is my only rimfire rifle. It is used for squirrel. It is so old, it doesn't have a serial number and I did have to spend twenty bucks to have it tapped for a scope. Weaver still makes the special bases that fit on the receiver and barrel of this model. It shoots half inch groups at fifty yards with a 1-3x hunding scope (perfect power range for squirrel hunting situations I think) admittedly though a bit of stoning of the trigger components was necessary to get her to sing. Today's Savage has the same extraction, ejection, lock-up and an awesome trigger so if you're set on a new rifle, I'd go there. I don't know if the barrel is better but I heare of amazing groups being shot with them. I'd think twice about those light, synthetic stocks for a squirrel rifle that is already very light. Real world squirrel hunting might prove this out for you as it did for me.
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