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A day at the range ... couple hours, actually.

I had a rare day off yesterday so I asked the wife if she wanted to go to the local range and do some shooting. And of course she did ...

"Whatcha wanna shoot?"

"The ARs"

So I loaded up a couple cases and range bag full of ammo and off we went.

Now, Uncle George's is a great gun range. While the facilities are primitive, its cheap, the atmosphere is friendly and laid back. All shooters are courteous and safe. I've seen a few cowboys there, but mostly just locals having a good time.

I always meet some one new and chat for a while and always bump into an old friend I had lost touch with. And this day was no different.

The wife sits down with her AR15 and begins plinking away. Round after round after round. And at 100 yards off of a rest, she is grouping inside of a 3" circle.

She then gives the AR10 a try and busts off about 30 rounds with similar results.

Then the 10/22 is broken out and she empties a bulk pack of Federals into the backstop.

I realized, I hadn't shot but maybe 30 or 40 rounds total, while she sent 100 rounds down range. And I was OK with that.

Does any one get as big of a kick out of watching friends and loved ones enjoy a day at the range as they do shooting?

Any way ... it was a great day ... one of those that you remember.
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