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You don't need to take the frame off to clean your pistol. You can do all the cleaning with just the bolt out.

The only times I've ever needed to take the frame off the barrel is after 4-5k of rounds, to clean fouling from deep with in the mag/ tigger assembly area. I've only fully dissasembled my 22/45 3 times in the 12k I have through.
Like I said, there really is no need to fully take it apart...

Hey I know it was a B%*ch to fully take apart the the reciever from the handle frame the first time, but it gets easier as the connecting lips get worn a bit

Be VERY sure when reassembling that the pin in the bolt that limits firing pin forward travel is in place (they fall out on half of these guns).
The pin stays in fine. Never had a problem or heard of a problem with the the bolt pin falling out. Infact, this is the first I've ever heard.

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