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To mount one on a press you need to get get the Lee Universal Powder die that has three internal brass attachments: one for rifle, one for short pistol, and one for long pistol.

The coarser the powder, the better it's going to work as the PPM is mostly used to charge large brass as it's got a ton of capacity.

The Lee Rifle Powder die only works best with small rifle cases as big as .308 in length, I'd stick with the universal, it works.

For fine powders like bullseye, it means you're loading pistol cases, so I'd go with the Disk Measure instead. They are all cheap enough to have one for each job: pistol and rifle.

In case you need some help with Lee Presses go here:

Years back, I help to built this site to help Loadmaster reloaders, tons of very informative videos:
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