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Here is the last part of the Uberti short arbor fix article. I find it incredable that these new Uberti Colt clones have this problem. I have two newer Colt models from Uberti a navy and an army and both suffer short arbors. I use them for display purposes. I'm told Pietta Colt clones don't have this problem but the modern garish barrel stampings turn me away from them. I also have two Uberti Remingtons copys, a 36 and a 44 that I shoot and am very satisified with. If Uberti would fix the short arbor design I would reccomend them again. Below is the next article on how to fix your new Uberti.
I had the two Uberti Colts for a good while before I discovered the short arbor problem or I would have demanded that Uberti install the correct length arbors or refund my money.
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