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why do we have to keep fighting to keep our gun rights ?

It is a constitutional right, so why do we have to continue to fight for it ? What gives the federal and state government the right to reinterpret the constitution ? What gives them the right to alter the constitution ? What gives them the right to decide what is or isn't best for we the people ? What happened to the government representing we the people ? What gives the government the right to govern us like subjects ?
When did the government change to ruling we the people instead of representing we the people ?
Why are they getting away with passing laws that apply to we the people but do not apply to themselves ?
Why did they get away with voting themselves a retirement plan of full pay and full health care after serving only one term in office ?
Why are they exempt from Obama Care ?
Why aren't people getting out and voting to elect new people that truly will represent we the people ?
Sorry for the rant, but these are questions we need to ask ourselves and we all need to get out and vote.
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