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@ checkmyswag - Put it this way...the PD's in the area just switched to .45's because they felt "undergunned" with 40's. Couple heavily armed gangs nearby... a gang shooting that occured about two months ago occured with a Glock 18, to give you an idea. It's not that I have a ballistic preference for the .45 so much as the general conception (intimidation, if you will). I think the G30 pointed at you looks a little more frightening that the P228, which could potentially be useful working security.

@bamaranger - the G30 has a capacity of 10 .45 ACP, vs the P228's 13 or 9mm. It's a pretty negligible difference (I never liked that small capacity for a 9mm....) and it's still more than a 1911!
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