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Until you've used a high-end scope you won't know what you're missing. I use a 3.5-22x US Optics scope with their EREK erector system with a MIL / MIL front focal plane, illuminated reticle.

The Schott glass, lens multi-coating, larger tube allowing larger optics and a greater adjustment range gives you a scope that has better image centering, longer eye relief, larger exit pupil for better low light performance.

The FFP reticle means the MIL / MIL scale on the reticle gives the same measurement over the entire zoom range making the scope easier to use for long range shooting. I use the scope on a .308 at ranges up to 1,000 yards. Once you get the crosswind doped, you can hit a target every time you pull the trigger. Accuracy is dependent on how well you can control breathing, and hold the rifle - optics are NEVER the issue.

If you're serious about long range shooting - inexpensive scopes are false economy as you end up using more ammunition trying to hit a target that is not clear, difficult to see, or hard to make ranging corrections with the reticle.

I'd advise buying the best scope you can possibly afford, and if an FFP reticle is available - go for that option.
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