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Im going to see if I can handle a left handed model. I can shoot right handed I have been for a few years know as thats how I trained. I see better out my left eye but can see ok with my right. When I shoot pistols im right handed but left eye. I tried to switch for a few reasons and find it akward. I would like to see if the feel of a left handed rifle feels better and more managable

The problem I have found is a left handed model is very hard to come by. If I buy new and find out I dont like the left handed model then I have to figure out a return or trade and lose my money. But besides that is the fact the companys that have left handed models in my price range is limited. The rugger american I can get at a good deal but I dont see them in left handed. So far the easiest one to find that offers left handed is a savage axis model.

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