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In typical carbine barrel lengths's, the pistol calibers will have hgher capacity. Maybe that's why the longer rifles were popular back in the day for rifle cals? Anyhow........HD is typically short range. For across the room or down the hall, a .357 from a carbine barrel has lots of punch. A 125jhp from a carbine will come very close to 2000 fps. I can tell you from use on car v. auto deer and ferals, that that combo is extremely destructive.

A .357 will also be cheaper to shoot, and more versatile, able to use .38's for mild mannered practice, and double as a close range deer rifle when loaded heavy. All this applies to the .44 as well, but the .357 will do it w/ less fuss.

The .30 is more than you need , and not as simple to feed.
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