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I must be the odd man out as I will lend firearms, but only to people whom I implicitly trust. I have said no before, though.
I think this sums it up right here. You can choose to lend firearms only to people you trust.

If you don't trust anyone, then I guess you have trust issues? LOL. will you not lend a gun to your best friend, your brother, your dad, etc, as long as they are trustworthy?

I've lent my cars, motorcycles, guns, and other toys to people I trust. If they break it they buy it. Simple as that. It is pretty much understood that if you crash my bike or car, you pay for it. Same with guns or other toys.

The key is TRUST. In this manner, my friends have also trusted me with their possesions like driving their BMW car, or using their AK47, or riding their jetski.

If you don't trust anyone, how can other people trust you? just my 2cents...
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