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Scary incident and a test of my reactions

I was driving home on a busy major street two nights ago. I was unarmed because of where I had been earlier. I heard a woman screaming as if she were being assaulted. Stopped my vehicle in the left turn lane, turned on the flashers, ran across the street toward the sound of the screaming. A few other people were moving toward the sound as well. It turned out to be the repossession of a vehicle, rather than an assault in progress. I earned a black belt about 20 years ago, but I'm old and slight of build, and I'm out of shape for physical combat. I was scared, but I knew I could not go on my way as if I had not heard the woman screaming. As I was crossing the street to return to my vehicle, I momentarily lost some control of my legs, though I did not fall. All in all, an ugly experience, though useful in that I was tested and learned a bit about how I might react in the future. I did remember that I was unarmed, and I feel that my thinking was relatively clear and was quick enough. I had the presence of mind to 'get out of Dodge' upon hearing one of the people involved say something like, "Go ahead, reach for it."
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