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Bill Carson
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bohannon ex reb

in season one, bohannon is an ex reb trying to escape his past while revenging his wife's murder. he is carrying a griswold&guninson - that part would be totally believable for a former confederate. unfortunately they used a brass frame 1860 army ,why, there are plenty repro g&g's or at least a brass frame 51 navy - those are quite plentyful to. a knowledgeable prop master should have caught this detail. its still a neat series, anyway.
Sidenote: originally, at least 3606 g&g's were made. all were brass frame. all are navy cal. (36). all have round barrels with one variation, some do not have the flats. but, have rounded edges where the flats would have been. all cylinders are of iron and bear the distintive twist line. thats all for now.
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