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Hi there,
Well, the .44 wasn't really the 44/40 yet with the bottleneck. First it was actually an idea after the Spencer when they did the Ball carbine, but even then the 44 was really not considered by the govt. to be as man killing as the 56/50 etc.

Later, the reason that 44/40 was so good in the Winchester was that the ejector could grab the rim of the cartridge vs. where the .45 long colt was even smaller then, the rim, and that's why there was no Winchester that was in .45 colt.

An interesting tid bit, for gun freaks is the story of how in the old days rattlesnakes used to get their heads blown off by a cowboy with a six gun.... remember? Well, that is actually truer than you think because the black powder guns were actually so much slower that shooting at a rattlesnake it would see the bullet coming and actually try to strike at it! That's why more actually had their heads really blown off! Smokeless was way to fast so it didn't give the snake the time to react to it and actually help it take off its head.

Now... does anyone know anything about the Ball carbine? I just got one of the 1100 in existence, and I'm waiting for it in the mail. I need to fine a good gunsmith who has experience to get him to make me another centerfire breach for it, since it's the same caliber and the Spencer 56/50 in rimfire.

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