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as far as a shotgun, the age old debate Mossberg vs. Remington will become a common past time. i prefer Mossberg others prefer Remington's there are very little differences but it will be like Ford Chevy debates ... but you will get used to it lol ...and maybe even enjoy it.

as far as rifle, that is a much wider category. i agree about the .22 for a starter rifle and once you get started with that you will understand what i say next.

ammunition is a very important issue when it comes to choosing which rifle to get.
i think about how much money i will spend in a year dicking off with my rifle as i do not hunt either. i chose to go with a sks (Russian) 7.62x39 two reasons (here comes another Ford Chevy debate ) 7.62 has a harder punch from a decent range up to 400 yards but mostly the price @.21 cents a round compared to the .223 which has a lesser more delayed kinetic energy at same range and a price of .43 cents per round.

other ammunition such as the 30-06 and .308 both closely equal to the 7.62 are priced much higher in price and the list goes on and on. choosing a rifle is a much more researchable issue than a shotgun and the pros and cons are endless.
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