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That's Colt's web site. If you are going there to buy guns, you will never find them for sale, because Colt will not sell to individuals except through the Custom Shop. Yes, Colt still makes handguns. You can buy them at gun stores. However, they can be hard to find because Ponies are popular, and because Colt's handgun production is much less than most of the other major gun manufacturers. Gunbroker or Bud's Gun Shop will virtually always have at least a few up for sale.

I find it difficult to believe that you couldn't figure this out, since there are plenty of stores and dealers who will come up in the same google search that finds you Colt's web site.

You can find new 1911s from colt pretty easly. Pretty sure they are selling their SA's to individuals right now also. where are you getting your info? Are you saying the online retail stores and local FFLs that sell new colt 1911's are getting them through the custom shop? I assume since I (an individual) can buy a new Colt from a store (just like other shops) that they do not have a problem selling to individuals
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