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I like my Single Six, be hard to beat the Ruger .22 Revolvers.

I had one of the early production Bearcats and I'll pass along my experiance with it, in case anyone runs across one of these and finds it won't shoot a lick.

My Bearcat was so innaccurate you'd have a hard time hitting the ground with it if you dropped it.
Cylinder timing was perfect, yet it spit lead in my face at every shot even held at arms length.
I ended up taking it back to the gunshop where I'd bought it.

Then a few years back I found out why this revolver acted up the way it did. Ruger's spotty quality control had struck again.
Turns out many Bearcats left the factory without having a forcing cone cut in the barrel. The bullets were being shaved by the raw ends of the lands.

So if you find one of these early Bearcats going cheap because the owner can't hit with it, all you have to do is cut a forcing cone, then it should be just fine.
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