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It is not a BDL. It has a detachable box magazine, DBM. Those are not that common. Which could actually hurt selling it. They didn't sell well and spare magazines are hard to find. But if you find the right guy who really wants that model, it will bring a little more. This is one of those times where you either sell it cheap to get rid of something most don't really want, or possibly wait a long time until that rare guy comes along willing to pay a pemium for a rare rifle.

A 260 is on the light side, but I'd elk hunt with it. It would be a darn near perfect deer round. It is about the same as the 6.5X55 which is a popular moose round in Europe. With todays modern bullets heavy, large caliber bullets are simply not nearly as important.

A comparable rifle new is around $650. I've found that used guns typically sell to individuals for somewhere between 50%-75% of what a new gun sells for. I'd guess it will bring $375-$500 depending on how bad someone wants the DBM. The painted stock hurts a little,but most would replace the stock with something better. I would use that as a bargaining chip to get it for under $400 if I were a buyer.
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