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quoting from another post NWPilgrim offered:

"....And still, no one has been arrested for selling, or directing the sale of, guns to known straw purchasers! "

He followed with the following: "Exactly! If they claim protection of it being a LEO operation, then they should have to prove they were responsibly tracking the firearms after they went across the border. They should be held accountable for a full inventory accounting of each firearm."

"If they basically let them walk unaccounted for then that should be a felony, not some admin boo-boo.

Get some of the ATF guys going off to prison and I bet we would hear more singing all up the chain of command. "
Re his closing, the bit about ATF guys going to prison, while it might be all to appropriate, I suspect that given administration /political CYAing, it is something that is unlikely to happen, barraing the unusual.
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