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Took apart my 22/45 Mark III finally..

Phew! What a task that was.. I watched a couple videos on youtube on how to do it. Boy, do those people make it seem a LOT easier then it looks.

This thing was UNBELIEVABLY difficult to take apart. I think that it was mostly because it is new. I struggled a bit getting the pin out, but that finally came out. I spent FOREVER getting the slide off the frame. That thing was stuck on there REALLY good. It took forever, but I finally got it off, then back together.

I've never taken a gun apart before, so that was an awesome experience, and to be honest, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also took apart my Ruger SR22, which was a breeeeeze compared to the 22/45.

Anyway, just wanted to share with you guys. I'm seriously becoming addicted to this forum, and get the feeling I'll be around here for a while.

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