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I was issued and carried a Model 28 in LE.

I was with the Anchorage Police Dept. We had a lot of Moose/vehicle accidents that required we put down injured moose.

My 357 w/LSWCs worked perfect for the task. Late in my career they stated allowing semi autos and I went to a 1911.

I wasn't impressed with the way the 45 handled moose so I went back to my Model 28.

If you want a rifle that shoots hand gun rounds I'd recommend one of the levers shooting 357/44s.

For semis a good one would have been that 44 Ruger that came out a while back. Don't know what happened to them but that would be a good choice.

Also you might want to check your game laws, some states, including Wyoming have restrictions on such cartridges. 44s were good, at present 357s are out but that's suppose to change next year. 9mms and 45acps are a No No in Wyoming.
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