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All great comments, and taken to heart. I'm waiting for my gun to come back from High Standard under new owner warranty. I will let you know if they delivered. It's now up to their own quality control to produce a reliable weapon for selling a firearm designed to protect the life of the owner. I suspect that will be an indication of whether or not they will join or rise above the list of bankrupt companies that have produced this smallest .45 semi-automatic pistol.

Seaman, you and I were cut from the same cloth. I also gazed for years at the ocean as an LEO back in the '70s with my Colt Govt. model at the ready, which I still have; and which I might add, also needed work for failure to eject. I believe it is possible, as you and others have so eloquently stated, to make the AMT .45 Backup a reliable, running pistol. It's obvious the quality control at AMT that was absent at the factory was taken care of in your garage. Being able to stuff a RELIABLE .45 semi-auto in a pocket is priceless. You must be a gunsmith, I can't imagine knocking out pins and completely taking down the hammer/firing pin assembly taking photos along the way without a manual for reassembly
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