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(elk within reason)
I'm not sure what this means, but having hunted elk several times I would never agree that a .260 is appropriate for elk hunting. Elk are large, tough animals. They now tend to live in rough country with dense forests, high peaks, and deep canyons such those I experienced in the Bob Marshall Wilderness and the Scapegoat Wilderness. Shots may be from 20 yards up to anything the hunter will try, whether or not it is reasonable. Elk hunting can be very tough physically and mentally. And elk hunting can very expensive. If I didn't have larger calibers I would hunt elk with a .270. But I use a .300 Win. Mag. Why? Because I want to stop the elk before it runs off into the wilderness or canyons with a fatal wound. My biggest elk dropped within 25 yards of me. After gutting, we rode several miles back to camp. We returned the next day with mules to pack my elk back to camp. Of course a .243 or .260 can kill an elk but neither is a reasonable choice for a non-resident elk hunter paying big money for a wilderness hunt.
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