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Nice gun. I see some nice ones in the used gunrack at Cabela's in the $500 range. Nicks and scratches , some bluing wear . Well used but intact and functional. There are different grades though and some with checkering , type of barrrel , etc. I have little use for a full choke in that guage, I'd think a more open choke quite desirable if using it for upland hunting. I think the 12 and 20 are probably more sought after. 16 guage shells are a little harder to come by. A Gunbroker search of similar models sold recently would be your best research tool. Hope I was some help. You can't go wrong with a Browning. They are usually a cut above the rest. John Browning is widely acknowledged as the most prolific and successful gun designer ever , anywhere period , end of the story. Remington , Winchester , etc. purchased way too many of his inventions to ever dispute that proposition.
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