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My 2 Cents.

Current Production:
S&W 686-6 with 2.5" Barrel, 6 Shot
Ruger GP100 3" Barrel, 6 Shot

Both Take the 6 Shot Safariland Comp 2, and Comp 3 Speedloaders. I normally carry either 1 or 2 reloads in Safariland Comp II Speedloaders held in Safariland CD-2 Spring Steel Carriers when I Conceal Carry my K and L Frame revolvers. For a holster, I would pick a Lobo Enhanced Pancake with Optional Inner Hammer Shield.

Used Market:
S&W 686 with 3" Barrel in a 6 shot version. ( A little hard to find)
S&W 686 with 2.5" Barrel in a 6 shot version.
S&W 66 with 3" Barrel (a little Pricey, and hard to find)
S&W 66 with 2.5" Barrel
S&W 65 with 3" Barrel
S&W 64 with 3" Barrel
S&W 19 with 2.5" Barrel
S&W 13 with 3" Barrel
S&W 315 Night Guard 2.5" Barrel (K Frame 38 Special +P, 6 Shooter)
Ruger GP100 with 3" Barrel

I would not take a 2" Model 64's or 65's off your list completely till you shoot one either.
All the above will also use either the Safariland Comp II, or Comp III Speedloaders for the K or L Frame, and CD-2 Carriers.
I would also carry all the above in a Lobo Enhanced Pancake holster.
I would also add a set of Wood Boot Grips to any Round Butt K or L Frame. I like Altamont Grips pretty well in Checkered Super Rosewood. Now available with S&W Medallions for an extra $10.

I shoot my Concealed Carry revolvers in Defensive Pistol Matches to stay sharp with them. I use Comp III Speedloaders in matches, and Conceal Carry Comp II Speedloaders. I find the Safariland Speedloaders to be the quickest reload available for a K or L Frame revolver. The CD-2 Speedloader Carriers are also the least bulky Carrier I have found. As Safariland does not make a 7 shot 686Plus Speedloader, I will stick with my 6 shot revolvers. To me a Fast and Dependable Reload is of more importance than a 7th round.

A Steel J Frame may also scratch your itch just fine with a 3" barrel.
The SP101 with 3" barrel is also a good choice.

Just My 2 Cents


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