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If the gun beats you up ...because its too small in your hands...or it has too much recoil, to effectively ( in 1 sec at the most ) make a follow-up shot...then its not the right gun for you....( too much gun, maybe - maybe not)...

I'm in my early 60's ....hand injuries and hand strength are not what they were 40 yrs ago ...but I know was too much gun, when I know its going to hurt before I pull the trigger....( like on a .475 Linbaugh or a .500 Wyoming Express in a gun under 60 oz )...and after I pulled the trigger, I definitely knew it hurt .../ or when I reach into my range bag, for a pair of shooting gloves, before I go to shoot that gun ....../ maybe at some point, I'd say, no - put that thing back .../ you can observe, you don't have to shoot everything ...!!
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