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Can any servicemen here tell us what the military recommends for AR/M4 cleaning?
I don't know what they teach now, but I'm pretty sure it hasn't changed. When I went through Basic training we had to clean the M16 immediately upon return to the barracks, before we could turn them in to the arms room. The only exception was night firing, then we had to do it after PT and breakfast.

With family and all, I'm not as compulsive as I used to be. I've been known to let a firearm wait as long as 2 days before I clean it.

You have to understand that my first gun was an M-16 and I was 17 in the summer of '72 when going through Basic. I enjoyed shooting the breeze with the other guys after a day at the range talking sh**t and wondering what 'Nam was going to be like. Fortunately, I went to Germany.

Now that I'm 58, when I sit down to clean pistol/rifles the smell of the solvent and the feel of metal brings back memories of those days. So for me cleaning guns is a fun and a trip down memory lane.
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