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460 S&W. It was so cool to have a massively powerful cannon at the ready. Other people got a kick out of watching me shoot it. Very few of them would step up and pull the trigger themselves.

For the record, I'm talking about a 15" Encore in 460, not the heavy X frame revolver. This beast did not have the recoil absorbing weight of the big Smith. Before it was muzzle braked the gun damaged the cartilage in my wrist. That was with less than 20 rounds through the tube.

I reload and found myself looking for softer charges to put in that big case. There is not much middle ground. I could toss 230 gr fmj between 2200 and 2500 fps. I could lob 250 gr lead over Trail Boss at 1200 fps. All of the mid level published and non-published loads gave me poor accuracy with the exception of 5744 and it leaded the barrel horribly. Even the brake had lead in the ports. Forget factory loads. Hornady 200 gr bullets left the muzzle at 2800 fps.
it got to the point where I don't shoot that barrel any more.

The shine is gone from that cartridge.

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