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The knowledge that I can just "make more" rounds has meant I haven't rationed myself the way I had when I had my box of 240gr S&B's with no idea where I would next get some.
Do you realise that I travelled 120miles for a single box (50) of .44Mag...?! Mostly I wanted the brass.
That is dedication...

It was 100 rounds per gun for SD licence holders, but 1000 for sports shooters: I am one of the latter!!
Yeah, it's a whole different perspective. It doesn't matter how ammo you have, it matters how much you have components for.

And, I bet you're scavenging other people's brass. Admit it. It's a good day when you come home with more brass then you went with.

I wonder if there has ever been a reloader featured on that tv show called "Hoarders" ????
Ha! You stay out of my basement lair!
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