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If you're really worried about weapon's retention look into a Level II or Level III retention holster. Most departments today require duty holsters to be at least Level II retention, with many requiring Level III. Most people don't know how to get the gun out of them. They will require a dedicated practice regime to be proficient at drawing the weapon.

Levels of retention

The retention level of the holster refers to the number of retention devices you have to release or move the gun past in order to draw the pistol from the holster:

An example of a level l holster would be a simple thumb-break device that must be unclipped in order to draw the weapon.

A Level ll holster example is one where a thumb-break is released then the pistol must be moved (rocked forward or rearwards) in the holster to clear some form of internal locking device before it can be drawn.

A Level lll holster is one where three separate retaining devices, both internal and external must be undone or bypassed.
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